Wired connection stops working suddenly


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18 hours ago

I have Ubuntu 12.04. I was downloading something via Aria... and then it suddenly stopped. There was no connection to the Internet.

I tried to ping the host but there was no reply. Also tried to ping the route but there was no reply. I got a message saying 'Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced internal error'.

I restarted system but nothing was sorted out. The wired connection 'establishes' but I am not able to use Internet or ping either to host/route/

The wireless is working fine and it does connect to Internet. I have a static IP address for a wired connection and it connects to Internet on Windows OS installed on the same laptop with same IP settings.

Please suggest how I can get my wired connection to start working properly again.

Added by: Jovany Schuppe

Answer: 2

11 hours ago

Try a DHCP address for the wired connection maybe, I know that whenever I try to set a static address I cant connect to anything.


P.S I know this may not be an answer but where else am I suppose to post this, there is no comment button :/

Added by: Liana Erdman IV

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