Using apt to remove many packages by mask [duplicate]


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25 hours ago

I'm new in linux. Trying to remove libreoffice from by xubuntu 20.04. Libreoffice was installed with xubuntu. I execute many variants:

sudo apt remove 'libreoffice\*'
sudo apt remove 'libreoffice*'
sudo apt remove 'libreoffice.*'

In all cases I got error:

E: Unable to locate package libreoffice.*  <result depends on input>

What I tried:

but next solution shows how use apt-get instead of apt.

My questions are:

  1. how to specify mask for apt remove command?
  2. how to remove correctly libreoffice using apt?
  3. what if I use apt-get for this case?
Added by: Cordie Konopelski

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