Ubuntu server 20.04 IPv6 DUID


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27 hours ago

on an Ubuntu server acting as an DHCPv6 client with netplan set like this

renderer: networkd
dhcp6: true

I received an IPv6 address but I need the DUID to create a static lease on a router.

I did a lot of research on the internet but I found no answer. All the mentioned files do not exist :

  • /var/lib/dhcp/ is empty
  • /etc/dhcp/dhclient6.conf does not exist

I know that systemd-networkd generate DUID using the machine-id from the /etc/machine-id file.

We can change the way DUID is generated by editing /etc/systemd/networkd.conf networkd.conf manpages

I don't know where to find the DUID.

I can find it on my router (under OpenWRT) to be able to set a static lease.

Is it permanent ?

If for any reason, for example, I decide to install an dhcp server package on my server, is there a chance that the DUID will change ?


[edit 2021-04-15] I face this issue after installing pihole (which installed dnsmasq). The DUID change from something like 00020000... to 00010000...

Added by: Roslyn Stamm

Answer: 2

27 hours ago

Any luck with this yet? I'm trying to do the exact same thing.

This blog suggests that netplan dhcpv6 doesn't support DUID but I can't find anything else concrete. https://gist.github.com/Hermanverschooten/40c701b7f52e256502c9fe78473912e4

Added by: Bernardo Paucek

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