Ubuntu 20.04 ClipGrab hangs when loading information about the video


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10 hours ago

I'm having issues with ClipGrab getting stuck on "Please wait while ClipGrab is loading information about the video ..." every time I try to download a video. I installed clipgrab from source and I also tried this solution to use the .AppImage instead. It doesn't work either way. I'm not sure what's causing the problem here. Is it something related to youtube-dl? Would appreciate any troubleshooting tips/help with this, thank you.

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Added by: Margaretta Reinger

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11 hours ago

Usually the youtube-dl on Ubuntu derivates are not updated as often as they should.

I've written another (simpler) GUI for youtube-dl, that uses the latest youtube-dl available:

In case you are interested, look here

Else you could uninstall youtube-dl with apt and install the actual one using this script

Added by: Millie Ledner

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24 hours ago

Took a while to figure out, but I found the solution at least in my particular case. When checking my python version I get this:

$python --version

Command 'python' not found, did you mean:

  command 'python3' from deb python3
  command 'python' from deb python-is-python3

I know i have python2 and python3 installed, but it's not showing up in /usr/bin/python After some searching I figured out the issue. ClipGrab is expecting python to be in that path, but it's not there.


sudo apt install python-is-python2
sudo apt update

This will install the package python-is-python2 and there's a python-is-python3 as well. You decide which one you need, but for me the first option worked. ClipGrab is now working for me. The solution was to get a link setup /usr/bin/python -> python2 which is what that package does. Anyway I hope this helps anyone that builds from source.

For more details on the package type sudo apt show python-is-python2 in cli.

Added by: Pierre Rosenbaum

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