The connection was not supported by oFono


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20 hours ago

I have Lubuntu 13.10 on PowerMac G4(PowerPC). I installed kubuntu-desktop. Then restarted computer. I connect my modem and I am have this error :

"The connection was not supported by oFono" 

How to fix this ?

Previously worked until I installed kubuntu-dekstop.

Added by: Fermin Rolfson

Answer: 2

11 hours ago

I don't know how about previous Ubuntu versions but since 14.04 it's NOT modem-manager any more.

Now You have to use:

sudo apt-get purge ofono
sudo apt-get install modemmanager

and reboot. Works perfectly.

Added by: Ena Marvin

Answer: 3

33 hours ago

I had same issue with Huawei E3131 on Ubuntu 13.10. Solved by:

sudo apt-get purge ofono
sudo apt-get install modem-manager

Unplug and plug your modem .

Now after around 5-15 seconds your OS should recognize the modem and you should be able to play with it (via Network Manager). In my case dialog requesting PIN number appeared. You can tail -f /var/log/syslog before and after above steps to see if you're a step closer.

Added by: Lukas Fay

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