Switch off search highlighting in gVim


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4 hours ago

When I do search in gVim (package gnome-vim), the search results are highlighted. How can I turn-off this highlighting when I don't need it any longer? Now it looks like persistent.

Added by: Sabryna Lowe

Answer: 2

24 hours ago

You can disable search results highlighting by command :nohl. If you want to have this command under one keystroke, put the following lines into your ~/.vimrc configuration file:

" press F8 to turn the search results highlight off
noremap <F8> :nohl<CR>
inoremap <F8> <C-o>:nohl<CR>

Now you can press F8 to toggle search result highlighting on and off in both edit and insert mode.

Added by: Dr. Alyce Kunde

Answer: 3

10 hours ago

You can edit your .vimrc file :

To disable the highlighting temporarily, write :set nohlsearch and delete :set hlsearch

Then save and exit .

Added by: Josefa Runte

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