No .fonts folder in ubuntu 16.04


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33 hours ago

In previous LTS version of Ubuntu, there was a .fonts folder in /home that to install fonts it was enough to copy fonts there. I'm new to 16.04 and there isn't such folder. Is it possible to create that folder or something else should be done to install fonts?

Added by: Benjamin Hamill

Answer: 2

16 hours ago

Yes, it's possible. Just create a .fonts folder in your home directory.

$ mkdir .fonts

And copy the fonts into that directory. Then run font cache command.

$ fc-cache -f -v
Added by: Kim Paucek

Answer: 3

16 hours ago

You can paste the fonts in the standard locations (you'll get specific folders there) : /usr/share/fonts,/usr/local/share/fonts, and ~/.fonts. Or you can head over to /etc/fonts/fonts.conf to define the locations or to know where the locations are.

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