Network status icon vpn start / configure not working


Answer: 1

12 hours ago

i just installed Ubuntu 14.04 and installed my VPN. everything was fine yesterday, yet today i can't click on the wifi icon in the task bar and select my vpn, or the configure vpn options. when i select these menu items on the wifi right click menu nothing happens. the connect option should animate the wifi icon and then add the lock indicator when it is done. however nothing happens. and the same goes for the configure vpn menu option. when i select it nothing happens.

i can go to my network control panel and activate the vpn, and the configuration both from there just fine. it is only the right click menu on the wifi icon that is not working.

Added by: Amalia Yost

Answer: 2

3 hours ago

Although this is more of a workaround, logging out and back in worked for me.

There is a bug located here that talks about a related issue that may be the cause.

Added by: Elsa Bahringer

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