Is LAMP strictly for development purposes? [closed]


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33 hours ago

So basically, is LAMP strictly for development purposes or is it fine for production websites as well? I ask this because I have recently switched to Ubuntu from Windows and if LAMP is anything like WANP, it is more aimed towards development than production (live) websites.

Does the same apply for LAMP? I wish to run a small website on Ubuntu and I'm wondering if LAMP is secure enough.

Added by: Kory Hayes

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29 hours ago

LAMP is definitely production ready, of course with any IP accessible service(s) you have to follow Security Best Practices.

Secure LAMP server for production use


  • hide all version numbers and debug/informations pages
  • create a mysql user for each application with hardened passwords
  • use regular user accounts (using sudo if needing root permissions)
  • use a firewall (iptables) and open specific ports
  • do not load modules you don't explicitly need
  • apply latest patches/keep packages up to date
Added by: Bettye Bosco II

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