Integrated webcam not detected on Thinkpad x270 under Ubuntu 20.04


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3 hours ago

I am running Ubuntu 20.04 on a Lenovo Thinkpad x270. Unfortunately the integrated webcam is 'typically' not detected. Cheese gives `no device found', and there is no entry for the webcam on lsusb. Strangely, there were instants in the past where the webcam was activated, but usually it crashed after starting cheese. On one of these occasions lsusb yielded:

Bus 001 Device 028: ID 5986:111c Acer, Inc Integrated Camera

I extensively searched the web but could not find a solution of how to activate the webcam, so I am getting a bit lost. Can anyone help? I may remark that I am not a Linux expert, just an ordinary (academic) user.

Added by: Edmond Howe

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