I have Ubuntu desktop installed and trying to set up Plex I want to put the media on a separate drive this is where I'm having trouble [duplicate]


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9 hours ago

I have ubuntu installed, I originally only had an SSD to install the OS on, now I want to add 1 and later 2-3 more regular HDDs. I am not sure if I did the first try right, I connected it and formatted it EXt4 and it shows that it is "mounted" and is a "device" the area I think I want it to be in is called places. how can I move it. my goal is to use this 2TB HDD and 1 or 2 others for media and keep the SSD for the OS and essential programs. When I go to the folder my media is in, it doesn't show but if I move it to videos under the place home it does show. What if anything can I do?

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20 hours ago

You are on the right track; so far so good! Open up a terminal & become root:

sudo -i

Next, find the UUID for your drive: blkid /dev/sdb1, copy the result (with your mouse!). I am assuming here that you have only these 2 drives, no USB etc - it may not be sdb otherwise. You should get something like UUID="fgbdjdilyh354dfh" Then edit /etc/fstab & add (note the lack of quote marks)

UUID=fgbdjdilyh354dfh /path/where/you/want/this ext4 defaults 0 0

This will put the drive where you want it, at next boot. It will then hide any files already there; so move them to the new drive - you don't want to be root for this step so exit (I use CTRL-D ), cp -R old/location/* new/drive/, I suggest you remove the originals because they will just clutter your SSD whilst being inaccessible. You can then either reboot; or, perhaps safer, sudo umount /new/drive ; sudo mount -a & check that df -h returns a sensible looking layout and the system works.

Added by: Ladarius Ledner

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