How to run application after installing exe file in ubuntu?


Answer: 1

35 hours ago

new in ubuntu here (ubuntu 18.04). I am trying to install and run an online dictionary application. I downloaded the exe file and ran it using:

sudo apt install mono-runtime
mono EA_es-gr_setup.exe

It seems to work, however, I don't know how to proceed from here, the app does not appear in the available applications. Any advice?

Added by: Krystina Wolff

Answer: 2

34 hours ago

I don' think mono can run any .exe - it is made for .net-Applications. Especially since the file you try to run seems to be a setup-/installation-file, I am not sure if mono will work. You can try installing WINE or PlayOnLinux and install & run the dictionary application with that.

Added by: Rosanna Crona

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