How to restore login screen to Ubuntu's default?


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33 hours ago

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04. I had been using Big Sur GTK theme ( for a long time and recently I decided to go back to Ubuntu's default look, as my transition from Mac is over. I managed to remove the theme from most places, but I still haven't figured out how to return the login screen to normal.

Added by: Haskell Swift

Answer: 2

32 hours ago

Quick uninstall

  • uninstall Gtk themes: ./ -r

  • uninstall GDM theme: sudo ./ -g -r

  • uninstall Firefox theme: ./ -f -r

  • uninstall Dash-to-dock theme: ./ -d -r

  • uninstall Flatpak Gtk themes: ./ -F -r

  • uninstall Snap Gtk themes: ./ -s -r

Added by: Leon Nader

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