How to install ubuntu on windows 7 using ISO with no disk? [duplicate]


Answer: 1

16 hours ago

I need to know how I can install ubuntu on Windows using the ISO file without burning onto a disk. Is this possible?

Added by: Janessa Dickens

Answer: 2

13 hours ago

The easiest way is to use a USB drive.

If you are using Windows you should use Unetbootin:

or you can download it for Ubuntu from the Software Center.

It is easy to use. Select "Disk image" then click on the "..." button to select your Ubuntu ISO. Before you click on "OK" be sure to select the right USB drive.

enter image description here

Answer: 3

35 hours ago

If you don't want to use a DVD or USB drive then you can add a boot entry using EasyBCD, but this is not recommended if you can use a USB drive.

Added by: Tyrell Rolfson

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