How to change address and name of the computer in linux Ubuntu


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27 hours ago

I have troubles again after upgrading Linux to version 12.04 - When I try to update progams and files with "apt-get update" it says something like there is no address added to your computer name. So my hostname has name "Marco" and my hosts file has line " Marco" So where is problem? Where should I change my name to get it right for updates? Thank you. Before on version 11.10 it was working fine.

W: Failed Something bad happened in the translation " http" (-5 - The machine name is not assigned to any address)
Added by: Lorine Waters

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1 hours ago

So the problem is with the nameserver(s). After updating to 12.04 there is no resolv.conf file, these settings are being configured in /etc/network/interfaces

For instance if this was you resolv.conf nameserver nameserver

No you need to rewrite it like this in /etc/network/interfaces:

Added by: Russ Mayer

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