How can I trick my system into thinking I have installed a program (gdc)


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2 hours ago

G-WAN uses gdc to compile D scripts.

I'm having problems with gdc for D2 and would like to use dmd instead (They're both D compilers).

So what I've done is used alias gdc="dmd" I can now compile D2 code by calling gdc hello.d but G-WAN still tells me To use D (*.d) scripts, install 'gdc'

Can I trick it into using dmd without having access to the source code?

Added by: Antone Smith I

Answer: 2

28 hours ago

You could try to create a script in your $PATH with the name gdc and call dmd in it.

For example: $HOME/bin/gdc


# Enter the dmd compile command below
# $@ are your command line arguments
dmd $@

Make it executable: chmod +x $HOME/bin/gdc

Added by: Madisyn Lind

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