grub filesystem is fat


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5 hours ago

I was tweaking my Ubuntu 18.04 when I accidentally moved the hard drive on which it is installed. Unfortunately, I am now faced with a grub command line interface. Here is what shows up when I run ls: (hd0, gpt5) (hd0, gpt4) and others After trial and error, I landed on hd0, gpt1 as others simply returned

Filesystem is unknown

The issue is running ls on hd0, gpt1 returns

Filesystem is fat.

How can I best recover my installation or even just boot to Windows? I can't use sudo as it says command is unknown. Please help a novice out. Thanks a lot. (sorry, I'm now typing on my phone)

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25 hours ago

If one ever encounters this issue, it is actually not an error but simply a message. You can move down directories by using ls (hdX,gptY)/ which should show up your boot information. However, in my case moving to Boot did not show grub.


I bypassed the command line by using CTRL+ALT+Delete and moving to Boot Load priority using F12(for my brand) and finally moving on to boot. There was then an auto recovery ran that helped fix the issue finally letting me boot.

Added by: Abbie Parisian

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