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26 hours ago

recently, I reinstalled 4 of my PC under Focal Ubuntu 20.04.3 properly (from 0, nothing). 2 are completly OK, but 2 have a strange behaviour with the dash when I want to manage apps in folders. The way to do is to drag and drop icons with themselves. The first time to do this, create a folder ; then, you can drag and drop others icons in this folder, and you can even rename the folder. Everything is OK on 2 of my PC ; but on the 2 others... I can do the same, but when I restart them, folders have disappeared, apps icons are alone (normal as initial situation). The problem is that dconf doesn't record the parameter of org/gnome/desktop/app-folders/folder-children. Each time I restart my PC, the personal values are reseted (with only Utilities and YaST folders), but in org/gnome/desktop/app-folders/folders (in dconf), all the folders I've created are still there. enter image description here enter image description here What is the problem ? How to keep changes and creation folders in org/gnome/desktop/app-folders/folder-children ?... Any ideas ?...

Thanks for your help. Ubuntu 20.04.3 64 bits Gnome 3.36.8

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