550 Denied Proftpd User


Answer: 1

33 hours ago

When I create a directory from Php Script I have:

drwxr-sr-x 3 www-data www-data 4096 May 14 18:52 folder

Here Users:

  • User: www-data

    [email protected]:/mnt/storage_01# groups www-data
    www-data : www-data storage_01
  • User: storage_01

    [email protected]:/mnt/storage_01# groups storage_01
    storage_01 : storage_01 www-data

I have added user storage_01 to www-data group, but 550 error continue, user cannot delete files and folders from FTP Access.

Any help?

Added by: Dr. Chaya Grady

Answer: 2

5 hours ago

Try chmod

Your www-data group does not have write permissions on the folder, only user www-data does. Run:

chmod g+w folder

If you have subfolders and files within the folder, run:

chmod -R g+w folder
Added by: Jamison Thompson

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