Userwell helps you collect and manage customer feedback

If you receive a large number of comments, but are looking for a better way to analyze this data, Userwell has some powerful tools that might help you. Make better product decisions by collecting and analyzing user feedback in a more meaningful way. Collaborate easily with your customers and create products they will love.

Userwell is a system that easily integrates into your current workflow. This means that you will not need to change anything about the system you are currently using to receive feedback. Userwell is ready to integrate with existing workflow software such as Slack, Zapier, Zendesk and Jira. Connect to more than 3000 different applications and gather your feedback in one place.

Userwell Product Feedback Management

How does it work

Design and publish comment pages so that customers can use it as a platform to contribute their insights, bugs or feature requests. This space will allow people to interact with your product, react to others, and see upcoming features. This is the first step in setting up Userwell integration.

Once you start receiving submissions, you should validate and clarify your feedback by interacting with your users and team members directly at Userwell. Justify the application of feedback to internal stakeholders based on impact and effort analysis and revenue information.

Once you have managed and analyzed your feedback, you can use Userwell to let users know that you appreciate their input and show them what happens to their feedback. Userwells provide you with the tools to make this process very simple: Roadmaps to comment pages, 1000+ embeds, etc.

Example of Userwell road map

To decide if Userwell is right for your business, you can take advantage of a free 14-day trial. Convince yourself of the product, without strings. Choose a design that suits your needs. Userwell offers monthly programs for those who like their freedom or their annual plans with a 20% discount. Get a paid program starting at $ 79 a month.

Try Userwell and see how easy it is to maximize the impact of user feedback. Take advantage of their free trial and see more information on the official website below.

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