All the best offers for the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3 carriers

The announcement came out. In the US, the Galaxy Z Flip3 is priced at $ 1,000 for the 128GB version and $ 1,050 for the 256GB version, while the Fold3 with 256GB or 512GB of storage is priced at $ 1,800 and $ 1,800. 1,900. Both are available for pre-order today and will ship on August 27th. Now comes all the ways to reduce that total and fill the cart from your friendly neighborhood courier, retailer, and / or Samsung itself.

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Everything good. Here is the link. The company sells both devices with the service of AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon, as well as SIM-free.

Customers who place a pre-order can redeem $ 150 in store credit for a Z Flip3 or $ 200 dibbing on a Fold3. This should apply regardless of where you end up buying your phone.

Those looking to trade can get up to four devices rated to earn a maximum credit of $ 650 for the Flip3 and $ 800 for the Fold3. If you’re eligible for education, government, first responders, employee, or military discounts, you’ll save $ 50 to $ 143 more, depending on the model. Samsung also offers 36-month interest-free financing on both devices.

The company offers buyers a free 21-day trial period directly from the pre-order page. It’s tied to Affirm’s three installment plan (nothing due at checkout), but devices can be returned for free.

When pre-ordering, you can add a 3-year Samsung Care + plan – customer support plus accidental damage coverage and an extra year of warranty – and the company will cover the first 12 months of payment. The Galaxy Z Premier experience has been decoupled from the support package, but is still alive and well with discounts on food, fitness, travel, and other offers. You can learn more about the program here.

For Flip fans who want Samsung’s unique gray, white, and pink colorways, they’ll have to wait until at least September 21 for their box to fly out of inventory.


You can pre-order the Z Flip3 and Fold3 right now (at press time, the Flip3 pre-order page only had the base 128GB model available while the Fold3 page was not active).

New and existing customers can claim $ 1,000 off the purchase of both phones (making the Flip free) with an eligible trade-in, 24-month device finance plan, and qualified unlimited data plan. Corporate customers can save $ 600 on the Flip3 or $ 650 on the Fold3 when they sign a 2-year contract.

Riding a new Galaxy Watch4 device? Pay for one, get one for free (equal or less in value) with device financing and wireless service. For Watch4’s 40mm and 44mm sizes, they’re $ 300 and $ 330 respectively. The classic 42mm is $ 400 and the 46mm is $ 430.

By purchasing any of the above devices and the appropriate wireless service from now through September 30, you can also enjoy 50% off their accessories.


The Magenta Network also offers $ 500 off both devices if you trade and finance Flip3 for 24 months and 36 for Fold3. Jump into the top tier Magenta MAX plan and that credit doubles to $ 1,000. These offers are valid for up to four devices per account.

The only setup that requires a down payment is the 512GB Fold3 for $ 100.

If you are planning to purchase a wearable device, think about getting a DIGITS number and applicable service. You can then get a free 40mm Galaxy Watch4 with credits for 24 months or buy a Watch4 Classic and get the second one for free.

Finally, T-Mobile is offering half of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE ($ 335) with 24-month financing and wireless service.


Big Red also offers current customers $ 500 and new customers who bring their numbers $ 1,000 off Flip3 or Fold3 if they trade and access a qualified unlimited data plan. Switchers can also receive up to $ 500 more to cover any transition costs. Additionally, the operator offers a free 128GB Flip3 as a second phone and / or $ 150 off a Watch4 series device if you buy the Flip3 or Fold3. 24 and 30 month financing plans are available.

Verizon is also bundling the Samsung Fold Cover and an S Pen Fold Edition for Fold3 buyers while supplies last. Plus, it’s also saving 25% on Samsung-branded cases, screen protectors, and wireless chargers.

Best buy

The techie big box store offers immediate savings as long as shoppers promise to activate the service on delivery. You can save $ 200 to $ 400 if you buy through partner carrier financing terms (including Sprint, which still exists and is still prominently on Best Buy signage on the web) or up to $ 500 if you pay full price upfront for a SIM-free phone.

It’s a bit confusing and not all vectors have been set yet, but here’s how we fixed it:

  • 128GB Flip3
  • 256GB Flip3
  • Foldable 256GB3
  • Foldable 512GB3
    • Sprint ($ 300 off funded, $ 400 off upfront)
    • T-Mobile ($ 450 off with upgrade, $ 500 off with new line)
    • Verizon ($ 100 off upfront, $ 400 off funded discount)
    • Unlocked ($ 300 off)

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