Smartphone companies continue to challenge the status quo of where selfie cameras should be placed, and it looks like some of them are set to make them. Invisible. While we’ve already seen an under-display camera implementation, Oppo’s latest iteration seems to take a sizable leap in terms of …invisibility.

Instead of earlier approaches that placed fewer pixels right above the camera (usually done to let in more light), Oppo reduced the size of the pixels themselves. This ensures that pixel density isn’t affected and stays on par with the rest of the display, at 400 ppi. The company is confident enough of its creation to share an instance of how the camera would be visible (or invisible) against a white background.

Can you guess where the camera is located?

Oppo, with the help of new AI algorithms, also claims to have improved the quality of the images taken with the selfie camera. The company has shared a couple of sample images and they look slightly better than previous iterations. However, there isn’t much on which to base a firm opinion.

If you were hoping to try it, there is some bad news for you. Oppo has not provided any information on the release of this technology on a commercially available smartphone. But your desire to try it may be fulfilled by the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.