Google Pay has come a long way over the years, most recently with a complete redesign now behind it. Not long ago we passed a long-awaited milestone for the mobile payment app, with the service finally surpassing more than 3,000 banks in the US and now adding 13 more.

With 3,000 banks now in the rearview mirror, we will have to start the countdown to the next milestone. Of course, with over 5,000 total financial institutions in the US, there is still a lot of room for growth. If you were waiting for your bank to get support for Google Pay, check the list of newly added institutions below to see if yours was included in the list.

  • Arbor Bank (NE)
  • Coastal States Bank (SC)
  • Craft Bank (GA)
  • Credit Sesame
  • Dakota Community Bank & Trust, National Association (SC)
  • Farm Family Credit Association (MI)
  • First nearby bank (IL)
  • Bank of Liberty (TX)
  • Hickam Federal Credit Union (HI)
  • Jifiti
  • People’s Bank of State (IA)
  • Shazam
  • Chronology of events
  • The Hill-Dodge Banking Company (IL)
  • Tome

12 more

Google’s latest additions to the Pay bank family may not be the big benchmark of our latest tally, but when it comes to a service like this that expands to support more and more institutions, we think: the more, the better.

  • Bank of Buffalo (KY)
  • Bay Bank (MI)
  • Clinchfield Federal Credit Union (TN)
  • Prima Community Bank and Trust (IL)
  • First National Bank of Minnesota (MN)
  • Ozarks Federal Savings and Loan Association (MO)
  • Prairie Community Bank (IL)
  • Credit Union Teachers (IN)
  • Teacher Credit Union (WI)
  • Torrington Savings Bank (CT)
  • United States Bank of the Century
  • United Consumers Credit Union (MO)

Last 8

Some financial services firms would see that 3,000 figure and begin to rest on their laurels. But Google Pay? Nah, brother, this is just the signal that it’s time to activate the beast mode. There are only a few days left until the last dozen new Pay banks added, and now eight more are following. Will it ever stop? Hey, I don’t know. Turn off the lights and I’ll shine.

  • Abington Bank (MA)
  • Highland Park (IL) First Bank
  • South Bank (TN)
  • Minster Bank (MO)
  • Mountain Valley Bank, NA (WV)
  • Powerco Federal Credit Union (GA)
  • TrustTexas Bank, SSB (TX)
  • Westmark Federal Credit Union (ID)

16 others

Add 16 banks. What do you get? Another day older and deeper in BANKS. Google Pay loves banks in a more pure and true way than any love you’ve ever known. He cares about them. They are his children. And it will not stop until they are all work with Pay. Or maybe it could … I don’t know. Banks!

  • Astera Credits Association (MI)
  • BILT
  • BTC Bank (MO)
  • Bank of Tioga (ND)
  • Bank of Versailles (MO)
  • Chattanooga Federal Employee Credit Union (TN)
  • Emerald Credit Union (OH)
  • Farmers Trust & Savings Bank (Buffalo Center, IA)
  • Farmers Trust & Savings Bank (Spencer, IA)
  • GN Bank, NA (KS)
  • Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union (TX)
  • Jassby
  • Parkway Bank & Trust Co. (IL)
  • Peninsula Federal Credit Union (MI)
  • State Bank of Waumandee (WI)
  • Yotta

Last 13

What else is a bank? Have you ever thought about it? It is like a home for money, but houses cost money, so where did the money come from to build the house? This money? And, like, does money get homesick when you keep it too long, and are you actually doing something nice by spending it? Mmm, this is a good burrito.

  • Bank of the Alliance (TX)
  • BAC Community Bank (CA)
  • BANK (IA)
  • Beneficiary State Bank (CA)
  • Choice Financial Group (ND)
  • Cloverbelt Credit Union (WI)
  • First State Bank & Trust Company (TX)
  • Great Oaks Bank (GA)
  • Credit Union Infusion (MO)
  • Kanza Bank (KS)
  • Mineola Community Bank (TX)
  • Splitwise
  • Westfield Bank (OH)

14 others

Bank-a-lank-a-ding-dank! New banks are calling! And these are of far the most chosen, most prize banks to beautify the Google Pay rooms again. We were talking higher-shelf accounting: green bills so green they are practically radioactive. But maybe they are mashed potato good to share. They can only be our secret. You know how to keep a secret, right? Google Pay does that.

  • BC Bank (WV)
  • Commercial Bank (OK)
  • Vernon Bank (AL)
  • Boston Fire Brigade CU (MA)
  • Federal City and Police Credit Union (FL)
  • State Bank of Farmers (IN)
  • Florida State University (FL) Credit Union
  • State Industrial Bank (TX)
  • Ottawa Savings Bank (IL)
  • Park State Bank (MN)
  • Popular Credit Union (RI)
  • Quincy Credit Union (MA)

  • ReliaCard
  • Federal Credit Union (CA) Self-Help

As always, you can download the latest version of Google Pay from the Play Store using the link below or from APK Mirror.

Google Pay: save, pay, manage
Google Pay: save, pay, manage