ZSH is not showing current path's .deb files


Answer: 1

27 hours ago

I am trying to install clapper from the .deb file in my Ubuntu 20.04. Last night I installed and configured ZSH for the first time. I think I made some errors during config, as the following happens.

With apt / aptitude, shows no files found. but with dpkg, it installs the Debian file.

apt/aptitude shows following after pressing tab after "c". where current path has only 1 file. (NB - clapper_xyz.deb is not among these 1640 lines)

aptitude install cTab

zsh: do you wish to see all 1640 possibilities (1640 lines)?

Added by: Mikayla Rowe IV

Answer: 2

6 hours ago

Perhaps it would be simpler to refer to the current directory, so that the command completion has something specific to work on instead of attempting to complete every possibility that starts with c. Add in ./ before the c:

aptitude install ./cTAB

Added by: Dewayne Haley

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