Wifi Not working on First boot Ubuntu20.04


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6 hours ago

I am running a dual boot on my on my Dell Precision 5510, Windows 10Pro, i7-6820HQ, 16gb RAM, Nvidia M1000 Quadro, 1TB SSD and the Intel wireless 6280.

so initially when i created the dual boot i was having a problem getting Ubuntu to recognize my Wifi card. ( "No WIFI adapter found" on dell precision 5510 with intel wireless 6280 card ) this is the original question for reference.

my current issue is a little different and not as important, its merely a inconvenience. When i turn my laptop on the default OS is Ubuntu, so if i don't go to the Boot-loader menu it goes straight to Ubuntu. on the FIRST load of the OS my WiFi will not work, same issue as my previous post, WiFi is simply not even an option in the settings, it doesn't appear.

But, if i restart the PC it works like it is supposed to and i have WiFi. any ideas on what could possibly be wrong? or maybe a solution? thanks in advance.

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