WiFi Hotspot not working with mobile devices on Ubuntu


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35 hours ago

WiFi hotspot not working with windows phone 8 and of course its not working with a any other phones as well. I have tried both Android and Windows phone 8. Either of these devices doesn't even detect Ubuntu's hotspot as I have tried many possible ways..

Link I referred to: How to Turn Your Ubuntu Laptop into a Wireless Access Point

Added by: Troy Hackett

Answer: 2

29 hours ago

From ap-hotspot on github:

While it may still work, AP-Hotspot is abandoned. and so on

Solution that worked for me:


Added by: Everardo Collins

Answer: 3

4 hours ago

i am using ap-hotspot on ubuntu 13.10, it works like charm on my lumia 620. you could give it a try.

Added by: Kaitlin Glover

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