why the user cannot open a text file which is read-only?


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28 hours ago

At first I wrote some wrong information by mistake, sorry. Please read the following again, because I have made some serious changes. I have changed a screenshot, and also have added a screenshot.

I set the permission for a plain text document (doc2) as read-only for a user ripon (doc2 is a file in the folder monir). To do this I used the following command:-

sudo setfacl -R -m "g:ripon:r--" /home/london/monir

I am using Ubuntu 14.04.5 in Oracle VM VirtualBox. I am the administrator, and I created some user accounts using Terminal. ripon is one of the users.

When I log off from my administrator account and log on as ripon, I should be able to open the text file doc2 and read what is written inside. But surprisingly, I cannot even open the file!

The file is read-only for ripon, so why is it **Not possible for ripon to open and read the text file?**

[When I log in as monir , I can open, read and write the file doc2. Because I gave 'monir' full permission (rwx) for the file using terminal]

Screenshot 1: ripon cannot open the text file

enter image description here

user <code>monir</code> can open and read the file <code>doc2</code>

Added by: Suzanne Turcotte

Answer: 2

32 hours ago

Please refer this command. Hope this will solve the issue.

setfacl -R -m u:ripon:r-x /home/london/monir/doc2
Added by: Dr. Sandy Hudson

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