Why doesn't Ubuntu 20.04 LTS suspend completely, or if it does suspend, it won't resume?


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9 hours ago

Almost 15 years ago I switched from Windows to Ubuntu and almost everything worked out fine. Although I am a mere user, with little knowledge of command lines I have managed with a little help to fix minor problems, however in June of this year I decided to upgrade as version 18.04 will no longer have updates.

I upgraded to version 20.04, but since then I have had a lot of freezing problems: on the one hand, every time I set the suspend function, the system tries but cannot suspend completely; the screen turns off but the hard drive keeps working, but what is worse, it is absolutely impossible to resume (wake up) the system. On the other hand, from time to time, the system freezes unexpectedly, resulting in a waste of time and work.

I have an Intel Core i5 650 @ 3.20GHz × 4 CPU, 3.7 GB of memory and the GNOME version is 3.36.8. Does anyone know or have an idea why this is happening?

Added by: Jedediah Predovic

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5 hours ago

System "freezes" are often caused by running too many, too large programs and running out of available memory. Use free to see if you have swap space, read man mkswap swapon fstab to create some. Swap space must be contiguous. use mkswap or fallocate, not dd. Traditionally, swap space of 1.5 × RAM has been recommended, but YMMV. If you don't plan to hibernate your system, you can have less than 1.0 × RAM.

Added by: Andre Berge DDS

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