Why can't my user see environment variable?


Answer: 1

5 hours ago

I have a .sh file with some environment variables under /etc/profile.d/vars.sh. Its content looks like this:

export PORT=8080

This is an Ubuntu 14.04 running on AWS EC2. When I log in via SSH with the default user (ubuntu) and run echo $PORT I get 8080 back.

However if I:

sudo su
su ubuntu
echo $PORT

I get nothing back. Why is that? How can I set environment variables for all my users (or specifically for ubuntu) so they will see it even in a non interactive shell session?


Added by: Lauretta Kozey III

Answer: 2

6 hours ago

Use the -l option on su to get a full user login:

su -l ubuntu

That should give you the ubuntu environment you expect.

Added by: Jevon Braun

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