Which of these partitions should I delete if my goal is to get rid of my Ubuntu dualboot?


Answer: 1

2 hours ago

Recently I added Ubuntu as a dualboot on my Windows10 machine. I want to remove Ubuntu because I suspect I installed it in too wonky of a fashion and Ubuntu already is telling me I'm out of space.

Partition list- https://i.stack.imgur.com/XbSpF.png (Ignore the 86GB of unallocated space. That was done after installing Ubuntu)

Ubuntu screenshots of df command and System Monitor-



Which partitions should I delete in order to remove Ubuntu off the disk, please?

Added by: Hannah Oberbrunner

Answer: 2

20 hours ago

It looks like you only need the first 3 partitions, can you make an image using clonezilla before you start deleting partitions?

This way a partition is removed that was needed you can restore the disk back to when it was working.

Added by: Elza Schaden

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