Where to find changelog for ESM kernel and packages


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15 hours ago

The last kernel for 14.04 LTS is 3.13.0-170, and the latest kernel for 14.04 ESM is 3.13.0-184. Where can I find the changelog for ESM kernels and packages to understand what has been fixed in these newer releases?

Added by: Maggie Schiller

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25 hours ago

The best source of change information that I have found is the Ubuntu Security Notices collection. Publicly-available changelogs and Launchpad access stops at the last public release before ESM.

It is possible to search the USNs based on the Ubuntu release and the USN title. For example:


To narrow it down to changes for a particular kernel version, the most reliable way I have found is to search through the ubuntu-security-announce mailing list archives, particularly the full raw archive (in mbox format). The mbox archive can be searched using mutt, for example:

  1. wget 'https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce.mbox/ubuntu-security-announce.mbox'.
  2. mutt -Rf ubuntu-security-announce.mbox.
  3. Press l (for limit).
  4. Enter the pattern ~s 'usn.*linux' ~b '3\.13\.0' to list only USN (not LSN) messages mentioning the kernel version of interest.

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