What Horoscope or Astrology software is available?


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18 hours ago

I am looking for Horoscope or Astrology software in ubuntu especially for 9.04 or 10.04 version.

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36 hours ago

I just wrote this... Seems like it would be as good as anything else.

if [ $[`expr '(' $RANDOM '*' 2 / 32767 ')'`] -eq 1 ]; then echo "Today will be awesome"; else echo "Back to bed, today will suck"; fi

A shorter version, for Bash:

(($RANDOM % 2)) && echo "Today will be a good day" || echo "Back to bed, today will stink"
Added by: Ethyl Hermiston

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1 hours ago

Add wanda the fish to your gnome-panel, it gives fortunes. If you follow what it tells you, then it works for sure.

Here is a screenshot of the applet in the panel applets list:

And one of the fish telling you your unfortunate future D: (oh no!)

please remember, wanda is a fish... be careful trusting her too much.

Added by: Janelle Wehner

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3 hours ago

Check this http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Environment/Screenlets/Horoscope-36983.shtml

This is a screenlet that displays today's forecast from astrology.yahoo.com. You can configure it to show your zodiac in the screenlet.

Hope this helps.

Added by: Kaden Tremblay DDS

Answer: 5

19 hours ago

Any horoscope/astrology app is only as good as its input. So you won't find much, there could be something that reads it data back from sites like http://astrology.yahoo.com.

As for your upgrade question, you should upgrade to 9.10 and then to 10.04. The Update Manager (System > Administration > Upgrade Manager) will ask you to upgrade. If it doesn't you might need to update the Software Sources (System > Administration > Software Sources) to warn you about new release. In the Updates tab change the new distribution releases.

Added by: Stan Casper

Answer: 6

18 hours ago

openastro.org is a good one.

Here is a tutorial to upgrade from 9.04 to 10.04:


Added by: Nicklaus Von

Answer: 7

20 hours ago

Zodiac seemingly works out-of-the box. Screenshot: Screenshot of zodiac chart.

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