VLC with crontab


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6 hours ago

Ubuntu noob here using 20.04.3. I'm trying to schedule the opening of an RTSP stream in VLC using crontab, but I'm having a heck of a time getting it to work.

My vlc command works fine in terminal and a .sh executable. Moving to my crontab file, I've attempted to use the DISPLAY:=0.0 qualifier, but nada. I've tried calling my vlc command from a .sh executable and then calling the .sh from crontab, but nada.

I've also tried the "at" command as well as systemd timers, but nothing seems to fit the bill. I'm just trying to open an RTSP feed at one time and then close it at another time. Any tips to make that happen would be appreciated.

Added by: Kenyon McClure II

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