USB sound device not recognized


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33 hours ago

I have a USB sound device that used to work back when I ran other versions of Ubuntu. Now I can only partially see the device. I have tried many things I saw in Google searches, but none solve my problem.

cat /proc/asound/cards sees the device as card 0

  • aplay -l shows C-Media USB Audio as card 0
  • alsamixer sees the device
  • asoundconf list does not show the device
  • sound preferences shows no hardware
  • asoundconf-gtk set the device to pulseaudio, but fails with python errors ending in ValueError: too many values to unpack in the function set_default_card. I think this is the cause of my problem.

The device is a Sony virtual phones wireless headphone amplifier.

Added by: Frances Price

Answer: 2

26 hours ago

Bug report here

Added by: Roxanne Rowe

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21 hours ago

I had a similar problem. I found a bug in the asoundconf script. (It did not allow comments in some configuration file(s) after a parameter-value-set.) You can find a fixed version at which solved the problem for me. (I have not found a proper way to report the bug, so I started by uploading the fixed version to my webspace...)

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19 hours ago

I disabled the onboard sound and USB worked. I sometimes have to

'alsa restart' to get it to work.

Added by: Kellen Wunsch III

Answer: 5

18 hours ago

I had this issue today and entering pulseaudio -k in the terminal did not fix it completely, as I also needed to end whatever audio mixer was associated with my desktop environment; for KDE, for example, you enter in the terminal

killall kmix
pulseaudio -k

and then your USB sound device should be detected.

Added by: Ms. Nia Runolfsson

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