Upgrading a server vs fresh install [closed]


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30 hours ago

I have an old VM which some years ago I upgraded from Ubuntu 14 LTS to 16. Now I've upgraded it to 18. My question is, can I assume that this installation is almost 100% identical to a freshly installed Ubuntu 18 LTS regarding the distribution, kernel, configurations etc?

In other words, should I be upgrading servers or should I be rebuilding fresh ones?

Added by: Mrs. Velma Kessler

Answer: 2

3 hours ago

There will be some differences, but most folks won't notice those differences in normal use.

Whether or not to release-upgrade or to install anew depends upon your preferences and needs. Choose the path that makes you most comfortable.

Since you are running a Virtual Machine, you have a unique opportunity to try both paths before deciding which version to keep.

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