Upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 hangs on boot


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16 hours ago

I will try to make this as concise as possible.

  • Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L built ca. 2010
  • Ran Ubuntu 16.04 for last couple of years
  • Upgraded to 18.04, now hangs at the purple screen immediately after the mouse cursor appears in lower right
  • Sounds like graphics problem, but ...
  • Created Live USB stick and, after spending way too much time on the "dreaded Gigabyte boot from USB problem", can now boot from that
  • Ubuntu runs fine from USB stick -> graphics ok??
  • Installed Ubuntu many times from USB stick, nothing worked
  • Eventually ran from USB stick and formatted the HDD, reinstalled from USB
  • Still has the exact same problem.

Nothing I do seems to change the boot from HDD problem, but it seems to work normally from the USB stick.

I know the basics of linux, but I am not super familiar with low level fixes.

Any suggestions on where to go? Reading the forums suggests it might be the old graphics processor (no external card, just the VGA built into the motherboard) but it works from the stick, suggesting the graphics is ok.

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20 hours ago

So before I saw this answer, I somehow accidentally fixed it. After booting to recovery mode, I did a system summary, then I decided to look at the flash option since I'd never tried it before, don't have a file to burn. I expected a cancel option or some such, but the only one was power off. I changed nothing, saved nothing and pressed power off. The recovery menu reappeared, then console lines started overwriting the menu in random fashion, then it powered off. Powered it back on, and all of a sudden it is working. I've booted several times now and it seems to work fine. I really don't like it when this kind of thing happens, but I'm not inclined to go digging and risk breaking it again. Thanks for your suggestions. I may go look at /etc/gdm3/custom.conf but not sure if I'll change it.

Thanks again. Mike

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6 hours ago

You may have a problem with an older computer, with an older GPU. Try this...

  • boot to recovery mode
  • choose root access


sudo mount -o remount,rw /      # to remount the disk r/w

sudo pico /etc/gdm3/custom.conf # edit this file





Then reboot.

Update #1:

Based on additional information from the user, I'd recommend that we check the file system to make sure it's ok.

To check the file system on your Ubuntu partition...

  • boot to the GRUB menu
  • choose Advanced Options
  • choose Recovery mode
  • choose Root access
  • at the # prompt, type sudo fsck -f /
  • repeat the fsck command if there were errors
  • type reboot

If for some reason you can't do the above...

  • boot to a Ubuntu Live DVD/USB
  • start gparted and determine which /dev/sdaX is your Ubuntu EXT4 partition
  • quit gparted
  • open a terminal window
  • type sudo fsck -f /dev/sdaX # replacing X with the number you found earlier
  • repeat the fsck command if there were errors
  • type reboot
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