Unable to resize the partition because the disk was locked in Ubuntu 18.X [duplicate]


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6 hours ago

I tried to resize the partition using GParted, and it didnt work because it's being used by system.

enter image description here

Someone said that i need to do the GParted in a live CD, so i made a Ubuntu Installer into a USB using rufus. I also changed the boot priority in BIOS to boot the USB stick first. But i am unable to enter the live CD installer. It just keep appear the grub menu which show which OS should i use, Ubuntu or Windows.

How could i resize the ubuntu partition in proper way ?


I got this when try to enter UEFI: USB using teh ESC key.

enter image description here


I tried the duplicated question's answer but it turns to be like this

enter image description here

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17 hours ago

Why don't you try to go to boot menu in your laptop. From there you can easily boot through your USB stick.

To enter into boot menu in Asus laptop, you have to press 'escape' key 5-10 times as you turn your laptop on.

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