Unable to load the podcast's feed in Rhythmbox


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3 hours ago

I try to use Rhythmbox for podcasts. I can search podcasts by names and authors but when I try to subscribe them (for some feeds) Rhythmbox shows this error "Unable to load the feed - Check your network connection".

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I checked my connection and also tried some VPN connections but didn't work. In the same WAN I used podcast addict on my android phone and I have no problem with these podcast feeds.

Added by: Kiley Hammes

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14 hours ago

OK, I think my previous answer may have been a bit hasty. I did some more digging for you, and here is what I found out.

  1. Subscribe to the feed that you want. In my case, the example I used was 7 podcasts for Linux users. Show_Feed

  2. In this example, I clicked on "Show Feed".

  3. Then there was an option that said "All Shows Audio".
  4. Finally it was just a matter of copy and paste. Here is another screenshot of the website feed I copied.Website_Feed Now go to Rhythmbox and click on Podcasts. In the search bar, paste in the link that you want. Next, click search, and then subscribe. Rhythmbox

  5. This website was helpful in getting answers for you. I hope this helps.

Added by: Kale Beier

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