Unable to find Remote Desktop icon in System->Preferences


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31 hours ago

I've been using Ubuntu 12.04 for around 8 months, but I have a question that probably a "newbie" should be asking. I'm unable to find the "remote desktop" icon that is generally accessible from Systems-> Preferences. The following link mentions the "remote desktop" icon. (I know the link talks about ubuntu 7.1, but the feature should be there in Ubuntu 12.04 as well.

I need the remote desktop feature to enable others (in other networks) to view my desktop.

Any help would be welcome!

Thanks in advance!


Added by: Sadie Kuhic

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8 hours ago

In 12.04 it's called 'Desktop Sharing' if you're searching for it from the Ubuntu dash, or you can access the same setup dialog from a terminal by typing vino-preferences.

Added by: Lauryn Hane

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2 hours ago

The Desktop sharing command line tool is called:


Just another suggestion, There is a command line tool also called > Open a Terminal and type:


If you need to install it type: sudo apt-get install -y rdesktop-vrdp

Added by: Gaylord Kunze

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