Ubuntu Software Centre is gone! How can I get it back?


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14 hours ago

Right. I am having MAJOR issues. (It would be much appreciated if you would solve them for me! Check my profile for open questions...)

Following an answerer... who sorry to say... didn't give a great answer because it was just a graphical way of doing what I had already done - suggested I purge a library. Turns out that library controlled the Advanced Packaging Tool (apt), Ubuntu Software Centre and the repositories. Not a great tool to mess with.

While trying to purge the library, it came up with 'Removing MyUnity.. Removing x... Removing x... Removing Ubuntu Software Centre... Removing X... Removing apt..." I quickly recognized and force shut-down my system. But I guess it was too late.

So... well, plainly put - how do I get it back?!

Added by: Miles Hyatt

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5 hours ago

I hope apt-get is still installed. Open terminal Ctrl+Alt+T and run this command :

sudo apt-get install software-center

In case Synaptic Package Manager is still running Search for Ubuntu Software Center and install it from there.

I think this post will let you learn how to uninstall/install software center.

Added by: Elyssa Kemmer

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