Ubuntu 21.10 (and 21.04) destop crashes on the second removal of monitor


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36 hours ago

I'm running Ubuntu 21.10 of a Dell XPS laptop, recently it has started to crash when I disconnect it my 4K Dell monitor, usually the second time it's disconnected. This was happening on 21.04 occasionally but since I upgraded it has started to happen every second day (I have my laptop connected to the monitor during my work day but not at night).

What happen is I disconnect the monitor, everything is ok while the applications redraw on the laptop screen then in about 5 to 10 seconds the screen goes black with some characters written in the top left corner (its a 4K screen as well and I can't read what is typed there). Then after a minute or the login screen will re-appear, if I login all open applications are closed also tmux will not be running (so I assume it might be more just the display server (Wayland I believe) has crashed).

Any suggestions on how to try to fix this would be appreciated.

Added by: Lenora Morissette

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