Ubuntu 14.10 Install Fails to boot


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1 hours ago

I have tried to do a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.10 on a 64bit-AMD (toshiba-satalite), from an liveCD ( that I made on a usb drive). I am able to launch the live CD, and install from there, but fails after boot - saying that it can't find any boot media.

"Checking media presence.... No media present"

"reboot and select proper boot device it insert boy media in selected boot and press a key"

I have tried following the general advice on boot-repair, but after installing, and running even that has failed with the following report http://paste.ubuntu.com/9063443/.

I have also tried to change boot order since I did set the USB to primary.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Added by: Pierre Purdy

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19 hours ago

Same here, the boot process stucks, I need to edit the grub and use the options noapic, acpi=off and pnpbios=off (found that in dmesg) otherwise the system won't start up.

Found it out, the boot process gets stuck because of wrong settings, therefore you have to edit the file grub.cfg, in my case I added the options needed.

noapic acpi=off 

Now, my notebook starts up, now in dmesg the warning about pnpbios comes up, when I set this off, then again it stucks, so better leave it on.

Answer: 3

10 hours ago

You've got an EFI system. Did you follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI from the official Ubuntu help pages when you installed your system?

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