Ubuntu 14.04 with 384.47 NVidia driver - blank screen


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23 hours ago

I got a new PC with AMD Ryzen 1700X and Geforce GT Nvidia 1030

Old PC had AMD A10 with built-in video something, and Kubuntu 14.04.05 on kernel 4.12

Moved old SSD into the new one and got a black screen after GRUB.

Logged into terminal in safe mode, downloaded latest driver 384.47 from NVidia, but it won't DKMS with kernel 4.12 ("this kernel version is not supported").

Earlier kernels don't seem to support Ryzen

Earlier drivers don't seem to support NVidia 1030

Latest driver don't seem to compile with the latest kernel.

How do I get the system up and running?

Added by: Betsy Harvey

Answer: 2

29 hours ago

The solution was found in log files - this driver requires one of the newer command line parameters of gcc and 14.04 ships with gcc 4.8 so it won't compile.

You will need gcc 4.9+. Default will not change is you just install gcc-4.9, so either you need to remove 4.8 or set symlinks in /usr/bin/gcc to the newer one.

Please refer to this thread how to install gcc 4.9

Added by: Frida Paucek

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