Top incredibly useful Ubuntu programs [closed]


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30 hours ago

What are the best software in Ubuntu for different applications? I never found any such lists as we can see in the case of Windows. I think that'd be very helpful for new users. May be we can have a list with two or three programs for different applications based on their quality or performance.

Added by: Sarai Towne

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9 hours ago

Here is a basic list for a few categories:

  • Graphics:
    • Raw editor for fine tuning: Darkroom.
    • Photo editors: Gimp or Krita (I prefer Gimp).
    • Vector drawing: Inkscape.
    • Video editing: Openshot may be a good start, if you are an advanced user, try Natron.
    • 3D modeling: Blender (It has a slow learning curve, but I think that is the best)
  • Office:
    • LibreOffice maybe the best solution. However you can find alternatives.
  • Internet:
    • Web browsers: Firefox, Chromium or Midori (I prefer Firefox).
    • Torrent manager: Transmission.
    • Download managers: Firefox integrated DM or JDownloader (It has lots of options).
    • Mail clients: Thunderbird or Evolution (I prefer Thunderbird).
  • Others:
    • Run Windows software on GNU/Linux: Wine.

This is a small list, but you can find really big lists on Internet. However that are my preferred applications, this is not the absolute truth.

Added by: Sarina Hartmann

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