Should I be installing my JVM technologies using SDKman or apt-get?


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28 hours ago

My question is about best practices managing a linux environment.

Is it best to be managing software through some 3rd party package manager, or would be better to be using apt-get directly?

What are some of the pros and cons of each approach?

Also, more specifically, there's this tool called sdkman that allows people to manage multiple versions of different JVM related technologies.

Does anyone know how stable/good sdkman is compared to the average PPA for different JVM technologies?

Added by: Isac Dickinson

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16 hours ago

Ubuntu is about using the stable versions of software (at the moment of release of that specific version of Ubuntu).

This means apt-get will not install the latest possible version of a specific package. Using a 3rd party installer will (likely) install a newer version of that package. That is the basic difference.

If the 3rd party software is designed well it will install itself outside of the normal install procedure apt-get uses and install itself in either /opt/ or in a user chosen directory (/home/$USER/$software/ for instance). And it should (in theory) also install inside its own directory all the libraries and dependencies needed for it to run.

  • apt-get (in theory) is more stable than 3rd party.
  • 3rd party installer (in theory) is a newer version than apt-get.

Should I be installing my JVM technologies using SDKman or apt-get?

We can't make that decisision for you.

Added by: Mertie Gulgowski

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