Replacing HDD with /home with an SSD


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22 hours ago

My HDD in my system recently started died so I am replacing it with a new M.2 SSD. I run Ubuntu 20.04 where my / (root) partition is on my SSD and my /home directory is on my HDD. Both are the same size at 2TB. What is the best way to seamlessly switch to the new SSD?

I can sometimes get the HDD to still work so I can boot live, mount the drive and just copy the data over. I also have a copy of my /home on a different computer that I copied over using rsync. Can I use rsync to copy all the files back to the new drive? Will any essential files be missing? i.e I sometimes get permissions errors that some files weren't able to copy.

What will I need to change in the /etc/fstab file?

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