Replace one Ubuntu with another from USB pen drive


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6 hours ago

I'm new to Linux. I'm using Ubuntu 11.04. Now i want to install Ubuntu 12.04 .

I got an ISO image of Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop. I put this image in to a pen drive which is formated,set the boot option boot from usb but nothing happened .

I searched this over the net and on Ubuntu website but nobody has given the complete steps . someone say you can install from the Ubuntu also ,someone says u can do a fresh installation from usb pen drive you need to make you pen drive bootable etc. etc. .

My problem is that i don't know the exact steps how ton install Ubuntu from usb pen drive?

All I want to do is to completely remove my Ubuntu 11.04 and install Ubuntu 12.04 from usb pen-drive.

Can any body tell me how to make a pen drive bootable ?

How to install Ubuntu 12.04 from pen-drive?

Please give me a step by step procedure with screenshots.

Thanx in advance

Added by: Arturo Lockman Sr.

Answer: 2

33 hours ago

I think there is no easier way than this illustrated here.

In short:

  • After Downloading Ubuntu.

  • Open the dash and search for Startup Disk Creator (for the dash click the icon on top right). enter image description here

  • Start the Startup Disk Creator and Click on Other enter image description here
  • Then select open and search the location that you have downloaded Ubuntu (normally in ~/Downloads)

  • Select the USB stick in the bottom box and click 'Make Startup Disk'. enter image description here

Taken from this excellent guide.

Added by: Ms. Hilma Deckow

Answer: 3

11 hours ago

When you start up there is a moment in the lower right of the screen where it says F12 Boot. Hit F12 right when you see that then boot from USB.

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