ReInstalled Ubuntu mounted to same /home partition, How to Access the Old User Home Folders?


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14 hours ago

So my 16.04 recently crashed due to user error. I decided to update to a newer version of Ubuntu. I went for 18.04 but ran into the usersetup error 141. Apparently when mounting to an old home directory this issue can occur.

For reference lets say that I had two accounts set up under home,

  • Snow(was a sudo user)
  • Angelas(was a normal user)

So I have gone with ubuntu 17.04. I installed it and set my /home to my old /home partition and installed. After some hiccups, I now have Ubuntu installed, and can log in, but only to a test user I set up by booting into root. When I try to log into my main usr ("snow" set up during install) Im reset to the login screen. I could however

su snow
sudo adduser angelas

Once again, this account cannot be accessed and then loops me to the login screen. I can switch user to either of the two above and access their home folders through the terminal. "angelas" I can see all of the data in the home folder. "snow" only displays

Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop  README.txt 

It appears that I encrypted my home directory? I very well might have. It was a long time ago.

So the question, how do I link my user accounts with their home folders? How do I set up Ubuntu to unencrypt a home folder and login?

I should be able to guess what my password was if I knew how to start to process.

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