Panel problem on Toshiba Satellite c855-2gd


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29 hours ago

I'm currently using ubuntu 12.04 (LTS) and I'm facing an issue with this distro. First of all, I've heard that problems with ubuntu on toshiba satellite laptops often occur. Don't know whether it has something with toshiba drivers or something else, but there are other operational systems facing the problem when installed on a toshiba laptops.

I am using a toshiba satellite c855-2gd. With its system components, I see no reason for ubuntu being dysfunctional.

However at times, when I download an app from Ubuntu Software Center, during the installation my side and top panel just disappear. Then I am unable to do anything ( not even open terminal via ctrl+alt+T ) but to go for that black screen on crtl+alt+f6 and reboot my system. Then my panels are back but I'm bit frustrated that my panels are often missing. Just a few moments ago, I downloaded a presentation ( pptx format ) and it happened again! And it happened a week ago when I was transmitting data from my USB to my laptop...

Once I managed to install a wine application on my ubuntu, I tried to run the old game ( Diablo 1 ) and the whole system crashed!

Can someone please tell me what to do to prevent such problems in future? And would it somehow help if I upgrade to ubuntu 13.10 ? Perhaps there are some features in 13.10 release that I don't know of and could help with this annoying panel problem?

Added by: Minerva Cole

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21 hours ago

I'd like to suggest you run from a LiveUSB w/ 13.10 for a week. It will launch a little slower, but you can still access your documents on the HDD as needed. If, after a week, the system is stable, then wither upgrade the OS or reinstall 12.04. What I suspect is a write error during the original install, not a defect in the hardware.

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