Nvidia proprietary drivers 20.04.1 fail with dependency problems


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10 hours ago

I tried first updating my proprietary drivers via the terminal, and after that it failed. Same error after a purge of all NVIDIA packages and reinstall. Don't know how to resolve it. Running Ubuntu 20.04.1 on amd64 arch. I have two pastes: Failed terminal output for: sudo apt install nvidia-dkms-450 See line 30 of the paste above for referenc in the next command. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bQsGwr7ZMN/ Output of cat /var/lib/dkms/nvidia/450.66/build/make.log mentioned in above output, line 30: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Nj5WpPm3cj// I've tried removing the Proprietary Graphics Drivers PPA and just installing via

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

Nothing seems to work to get it back to expected behavior, including

sudo apt install -f


sudo dpkg --configure -a

So I'm stuck in a difficult place without those drivers. I did email the launchpad team in case it's not just my config but a bug. I tried installing on an updated 20.04.1 USB drive and there were no issues. I want to avoid a reformat because that would be a major pain. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys for your help in advance!

Update: I solved it by changing my default compiler back to GCC from clang.

Added by: Micah Wehner DVM

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32 hours ago

Solution is to make sure via galternatives or update-alternatives is that gcc, not clang is set as default for all schemes it handles.

Added by: Moises Macejkovic

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